What We Do

We take in those poor animals and give them a loving, happy home. We accept cows, horses, llamas, alpacas, goats, donkeys, sheep, chickens, etc… and NO, we don’t eat any of them! The only animal we cannot accommodate is pigs. With our own money, we purchased 22 acres of land and built a small 3BR 2BA farmhouse. We also bought a small Kubota tractor and we are working to get everything ready for the animals. We need your help to be able to build fencing, barns and coops for the animals. We also will need help purchasing the food for the animals as they arrive on the farm, and for any needed veterinary care.

What We Need

We used our personal funds to build a small house on the property for us to live in. With what was left, we were able to fence in about 3 acres. We still need to build barns, shelters, coops and more fencing for the animals. All of that is expensive and we need your help and support. You can donate to Tabernacle Farm via Patreon or through PayPal. Paypal will show “Thomas Winegard” as that is Jerry’s first name. Your donations go a long way in our effort to rescue farm animals from a miserable existence. We can't do this without your help, so please consider donating monthly via Patreon or one time via PayPal.      Jerry and Cynthia

The Animals Need Your Help
You can be a hero to farm animals.  You can be one of our dedicated members who will help us rescue, love, shelter, and care for neglected farm animals.  If you do not live near the farm, you can help by pledging to support us monthly via Patreon, or with a one-time gift through PayPal.  You can also do all of your Amazon shopping through this link.  We earn a small commisssion on every purchase you make.  If you do live near the farm, volunteer help is always welcome!

If you really take a liking to our animals, you may sponsor one (or more).  By sponsoring, you are helping, on a monthly basis, to provide them with food, shelter, supplies, veterinary care and more. To find out more about sponsoring an animal on our farm, click here.

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