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We are Jerry and Cynthia Winegard and we are building a farm animal rescue facility called Tabernacle Farm. Everyday you see commercials on TV for agencies wanting to help neglected dogs and cats… but what about neglected farm animals ? In our area, there are many farm animals that are kept in tiny areas with no food to eat and no one to love and care for them. They are sad, lonely, malnourished, and often abused. Perhaps they were gotten to be a pet but the owners soon realized caring for them was too much of a physical or financial burden, or they are simply no longer wanted or needed… so they are left to suffer in terrible living conditions.

We will take in those poor animals and give them a loving, happy home. We accept cows, horses, llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, chickens, etc… and NO, we don’t eat any of them! The only animal we cannot accommodate is pigs and that is due to local ordinances. With our own money, we have purchased 22 acres of land and are building a small house. We also bought a small Kubota tractor and we are working to get everything ready for the animals. We need your help to be able to build proper fencing, shelters, barns and coops for the animals. We also will need help purchasing the various types of food for the animals as they arrive on the farm.

We will keep track of all donations and show exactly what they were spent on.  If you let us know, we will list you as a donor on the website. We also post progress updates on the website and you can also follow us on Instagram.  Every donor will have full access to our website and all other content.  We do not want to restrict anything just because one person might not be able to give as much as someone else. Thank you all for your support and may God bless you.

Jerry and Cynthia

What we need…

We are using our personal funds to build a small house on the property for us to live in.  With what is left, we will be building barns, shelters, coops and fencing for the animals.  All of that is very expensive and we need your help and support.  You can donate to Tabernacle Farm via Patreon or through PayPal.  Paypal will show “Thomas Winegard” as that is Jerry’s first name.  We will have a page on this site showing any donations we receive and exactly what the money was spent on.  Yes, we keep receipts around here.