Blog Entries For The Month of April 2019

Goats Love To Climb Goats will climb on anything and they aren't afraid of heights either. They also hate getting wet so they need quick and easy access to a shelter should it start sprinkling. We decided to build a unique round shelter and place it about 10 feet off the ground. Of course, they'll need a way to get up to it as well. We perched the round house on a post near the edge of the creek and made a ramp that leads down to the ground on the opposite side of the creek. We then built a spiral staircase a few feet away from the house so the goats could get to it from either side of the creek. Here is Diane being the first to check out the new housing arrangements. She gave her "baaaaaa" of approval.

Curious Goats All the goats stood nearby while we were building the structures. Even the donkeys stopped by to supervise and honestly, to get in the way. As soon as we were done, the goats started investigating. They quickly climbed up and inspected the new house (which we had covered the floor with fresh hay). They all loved it, but it only holds 2 goats so at times there is a head butting contest to see who gets to sleep in it. We have plans to add several more round houses on posts so everyone will have a nice goat condo to sleep in.


Miniature Horses We got word that another rescue facility about an hour from us was overcrowded and needed someone to take in some mini horses. We drove over and picked up the 3 they had ready to go. They tried to get us take a very mean ram that head butted everybody every chance he got, but we had to decline. We brought home Betty, Tildy and Mike (a gelding). Pictures are available in the gallery.

It was nearly dark and a storm was coming in when we got home, so we quickly released them into the front pasture. You could simply imagine the happiness they were feeling as they began rolling in the fresh green grass. Yes, rolling in the grass. They had been kept in a dirt pen and fed only grain and pellets. When it started raining, they stayed out in the open eating the grass, it was just too good.

Taking Care of Them In the next week, we will give them a good looking over, worm them, clean their hooves, and brush their hair. They have such pretty manes, it is sad to see it tangled. They'll be looking like Fabio in no time! If you're nearby, stop by and see them... be sure to bring a carrot with you! If you aren't nearby and would like to sponsor one of them, check out the link to the left. 41

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