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Different Standards It amazes me the things the builder did on the house that just wasn't up to par, we call this House Problems. We kept track of everything during the build process, Jerry was there every single day Monday through Friday and often on Saturdays. We know when things were done, and we know when weeks would go by and nobody would work on the house. We watched when work was being done, often having to point out deficiencies as they went along. Some times they would correct it on the spot, other times they refused to change it. We just wanted to make sure things were done right since we didn't trust the builder to do it right. Below are some of the pictures showing problems the builder and/or subs didn't address. Be careful who you hire to build your house.

No screen at the roof peak and sewer vented inside the attic.

We had to repaint every cabinet on the inside!

Inside a kitchen cabinet. Dirty and nasty.

Inside another kitchen cabinet. Nasty.

Son of a gun, another floor scratch.

Would you want to look at this every day? We don't.

Yes, the hall wall is crooked.

Oh that's OK, it's hardly noticeable. No, again.

Where the switch for the fireplace is supposed to be.

What's missing here? Yep, gas logs.

Well looky here, another scratch in the floor.

Oh yes, another scratch in the floor.

Imagine that, more scratches in the floor.

And still more scratches in the floor.

Another cabinet improperly aligned.

The cabinet lines up... close?

More gaps between the siding and the soffit.

Corbel supposedly holding the granite top.

More scratches in the floor.

Yep, floor scratches.

A gouge in the floor.

Another perfect fit, am I right?

A perfect fit, no?

Oh, it's only a small gap.

The absolute worst rock work ever seen by us. It looks good from the road, they said.

Gap between the house siding and the soffit.

More gaps between the siding and the soffit.

Pocket door won't close, the trim is too tight.

In the middle of the living room floor. Put a chair over it to hide it?

More crooked door pulls.

Pocket door too tight, it scraps the paint.

The man said, it looks straight to me. Um, no.

$5 drawer glide instead of a $16 full extension set with bearings.

El cheapo drawer glides again. What were they thinking?

Let's put the floor down too soon. What could go wrong?

Doesn't everybody want cheap drawer glides?

This OK they said, we'll just hide it.


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