Blog Entries For The Month of December 2018

Winter Sets In We got quite a bit of work done in 2018, but now that winter is here, work will slow to a crawl. It is cold, it rains a lot, the ground is saturated and it is darn near impossible to get anything done. The most we do is keep the debris cleaned out of the creek and the drainage ditches, and pick up limbs. We burned a big ol' stack of limbs a few days ago when we had a little break in the rain.

The Pond The pond has been finished with all the earthen walls in place. We put in a an overflow pipe on the back side so the excess water could flow down to the creek through the neighboring property. So goes the slope of the land... With all this rain, the pond filled up quickly. The spring underneath it will keep some water in it year round, even in dry times. Whatever livestock we have in the back field will appreciate the pond. We will likely put a few fish in it come spring.

Fencing We completed fencing the front pasture but we still have a long way to go. Fencing is expensive and we have run out of money for more. As we can, we will complete the rest of the fencing (approximately 2000 more feet). We have about half of the needed poles so we need more of those plus the field wire. We've been using Red Brand Field Wire from Tractor Supply. We'll just piddle around through the winter and get back to building things when warmer weather arrives. We still need all the barns and livestock sheds (plus the remaining fencing) before we will be able to take any animals in. Hopefully, we can get some donor help through Patreon or PayPal. Links for those are on the home page. Y'all have a blessed day and stay warm! 35

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