Blog Entries For The Month of February 2018

Wall Framing The rain finally let up enough for the framing crew to come out and start on the walls. What you see in the picture below was done is just one day. The framing crew said they could have finished the house had the trusses been on the job site. It's a shame the trusses weren't delivered the same day as the studs. The crew consisted on 4 people and they knew their job! Each guy would lay out the necessary 2 x 4s to build a wall, mark the 16" centers and then assemble it using his air nailer. Each man could assemble a wall section in a matter of minutes. They'd then stand them up and bolt them in place on the foundation.

How big is 1260 sq ft? With the wall studs in place, we can now see just how big each room is. The front of the house is one big room with the living room, kitchen and dining area. The TV will mount on the wall above the fireplace and we'll arrange our furniture accordingly. We only have 2 recliners, a love seat and a couch. In the kitchen, we will eat at the 7ft island and we'll have a folding dining table in the corner for when guests come. The dining table is 12" wide and 5' long when folded, it expands to 48" x 60" when opened up. It will seldom be used, holidays and what not so the size is not an issue. The 2 extra bedrooms are a good size and the master bedroom is bigger than what we have now. Jerry's bathroom is small but Cynthia's is lots bigger. Cynthia's is also the master bath so it should be bigger. The mud room / entry is the perfect size and will hold coats and such plus the washer and dryer. It's gonna look great when it is done! We can hardly wait...


Roof Framing It took them a while, but they finally got around to framing the roof. Our poor house sat there in the rain with no roof, we were beginning to worry that the wall framing was going to rot. When the framing crew finally arrived with the materials, the got the job done quickly. It only took them one day to complete the roof framing, install the decking then put on the black paper. It starting to look like a house now, YAY! Getting the roof framing done is a giant step because now the interior will stay dry. There's a lot of craftsmen that have to work on the inside and having a roof over their heads means they can work even if it is raining. Plumbers, electricians, the cable TV people, flooring, drywall, etc.

Guess what happened next? The day after they got all this work done, it poured down rain. It wrinkled up the black paper on the roof something fierce. We thought they would have to come and redo it but once the sun came out, it dried it up and it looked normal again. As you could guess by now, it came another big rain after that one and the same thing happened... the paper wrinkled but it did straighten up when it dried. You know, the builder could have built our house from start to finish in a month if they would just work every day that it doesn't rain. And if it rains during the week but not on Saturday, have the crew work on Saturday. Of course we wouldn't expect anyone to work on a Sunday. We're just glad they got one step closer to completion, even though they still have a long way to go. Can you tell we're getting a little impatient? Anyway, here a few more pictures of the roof framing job...


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