Blog Entries For The Month of July 2018

I hate granite now. Why are granite countertops all the rage? You have to maintain it, seal it, keep it dry, don't put anything hot on it, etc. How annoying! Unfortunately, solid surface countertops and Quartz countertops cost more than we were willing to pay. Oh well, live and learn. A little more on the positive side, the granite does look good. We looked at quite a few slabs trying to decide which pattern would best match our kitchen and bathrooms. We think we did pretty good. How do you think they look?

Showers and the fireplace... The plumbers installed the shower stall in the front bathroom and the tub/shower combo in the master bathroom. While inspecting their handy work, we found a hole the size of a half dollar in it! Good grief, is there no quality control anymore? At least the tile around the fireplace turned out good. We chose bronze fixtures everywhere, even the door knobs. The bathroom sink faucets are really nice and the kitchen faucet has touch controls. Fancy.


The Last Straw Mitchell Mount of Mount Homer Builders in Clanton, Alabama was our builder. Oh, everything was peaches and cream at the beginning but not so much anymore. The builder told us at the very beginning that he could build this house in 6 months in a worst case scenario, but said he'd have it done in 3-4 months. We closed on the property on October 31, 2017... the slab wasn't poured until January 26, 2018. Now we did have a lot of rain that delayed it, but there were numerous opportunities to get it done long before the end of January. So here we are at nearly 3 months and all we have is a slab. The builder originally told us that we could have our appliances delivered during the 3rd week of February 2018. That got pushed back several times, we finally had them delivered and put in the workshop we had built next to the house. We were given completion dates that came and went seemingly without a care from the builder. As the project was finally taking shape, he told us he'd be done by July 31, 2018 and that we could give our notice to our landlord. Three weeks into July I asked if the house would be done on time and the builder assured us it would be.

Homeless July 31, 2018 came along and we had to move out of our current place. The bad thing is we had nowhere to go as the builder was not able to finish the house by that date. We had to store all of our belongings and live out of our van. Thankfully, it has 2 beds and A/C. There was still so much that was not done or needed to be redone on the house. And here's the kicker, the builder asked us for the final payment. LOL I was born at night, but it wasn't last night. I told the builder the house had to be 100% done by July 13, 2018 no ifs, ands, or buts. Well, that day came and as you can probably guess, it was not done. We had a back and forth conversation and he got so upset he ended up saying "Why don't I just not send anybody else and we call it quits right now?" We said OK and that we'd hire someone else who could actually finish the house. Boy, did he get mad. He bowed up at me like he wanted to fight or something... I just told him "Don't you bow up at me!". How professional, no? We found another contractor and had him come out and quote us a price for what all needed done. We hired him and he got to work. We cleaned up the master bedroom (what a huge task!) and got our bed from storage. This way we wouldn't have to sleep in the van. The new contractor really hustled and got the house finished enough to make it livable. He was there every day, all day for a little over a week or two and he got more done than the builder did in 5 months. So here we are at 9 months since closing and we are finally moved in to the house thanks to a new contractor. We have been constantly fixing little things that need fixing, redoing things that need redoing (that's the frustrating part). Do it right the first time and you won't have to do it again! The new contractor is really busy on our house, but he's glad to be earning the money because you know we did not give the builder that final payment. We deducted the charges the new contractor wrote up for us and offered the builder the balance. He can pick it up at our lender's office. Moral of the story, we don't recommend using Mount Home Builders or Mitchell Mount as your contractor. 31

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