Blog Entries For The Month of October 2018

Adding The RV Pad Taking care of the farm is an everyday job and we know we'll need help, so we installed an RV pad. There are folks out there that live in their RVs and trade their labor for a free place to park. This is called "workamping" and you can read more about that at - The RV pad offers water, sewer and 30A electricity. It will hold up to a 30ft camper, giver or take a little bit. It is a gravel pad as the cost of concrete these days is absurd. Heck, the load of gravel was $400 and that's bad enough. The RVers will be able to park here for as long we all agree and in return they will give us 20 hours of labor per week. Our chores are simple... picking up limbs and taking them to the burn pile, checking on the animals, bush hogging the fields, mowing, weed eating, checking fences, and so on. Easy work for the average person since we do have the tractor and also a Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX side by side.

We've cleaned up the site and straightened the edges since these pictures were taken. We didn't have one of those laser thingys to make sure it was exactly level, but we did use long boards and a level to do our best. It may be a little high on the nose end but that is what adjustable jacks are for. The RVers will have a great view from here and easy access to Wal-Mart, several grocery stores, dollar stores and places to eat. If they want to head to the city, Tuscaloosa is 30 minutes away and Birmingham is an hour away. 34

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