Blog Entries For The Month of September 2018

Field Wire Fencing Every farm needs fencing... to keep animals in and predators out! While we wish we had the money to simply have the fencing built professionally, that is just not the case. So we headed to our local Tractor Supply store and bought roughly $2000 worth of fence posts and wire. We got a mix of wood posts and t-posts with the intention of going wood post, 2 t-posts, wood post, and so on. The wire we bought was 4 rolls Red Brand Field Wire. We borrowed our Brother-in-Law and his trailer to go get the load of materials, it was quite heavy. The wood posts was a good portion of the weight as was the 4 rolls of 320ft long field wire. After securing the load, we headed back to the farm and dropped it off. Now the hard work can begin.

Fence building is hard work. We have a post hole digger attachment for the tractor which made digging holes for the wood posts a breeze. We still had to pound in the t-posts using a hand held t-post driver. We set the posts 10ft apart for the majority of the fence line. There were some places that the distance is a little smaller due to coming to a corner. We weren't too concerned with the wood posts being buried to an exact height as we plan to cut them off with a chainsaw later on. We did make sure to bury them at least 3ft in. The t-posts had to be measured with 53" sticking out of the ground. This gives us room for the 48" tall field wire and 1 or 2 strands of barbed wire at the top. Stretching the wire is very difficult. We used the tractor and pulled the field wire as straight and tight as we could. It looks good but not as good as if a professional did it. No worries, it is good enough to keep the animals in and that's our main concern. I don't reckon HGTV is going to come out and judge our fence. We still have a lot of fencing to put up, but we got the hardest part done... the curve across the front pasture. Everything else is a straight line. Oh well, back to work...


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