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Dog Boarding

We are in the process of building a set of kennels with outdoor runs as well as indoor crates. The kennel building will be climate controlled. We will provide a clean kennel, fresh food and water and loving attention to your dog’s needs. The pet owner will only have to provide any special needs such as a specific brand of food, medicines, etc. If there is a demand, we will add a structure for boarding cats. We will update this page once the kennels are ready to begin accepting dogs.

• The new structure will contain 7 kennels that each have 16 sqft. of space inside with a comfortable bed, stainless steel food and water bowls and their own personal doggie door to a private 64 sqft outdoor run.
• There will also be 9 pet crates of varying sizes where pets can be housed if the owner chooses not to select a kennel with a run (or one is not available). These pets will be released several times a day into a 784 sqft fenced yard for exercise, play and to go potty.
• The structure will be heated and cooled for your dog's comfort. We expect to keep the temperature at 79° in the summer and 70° in the winter. These temps are subject to change as needed.
• We will provide fresh water and 2 daily rations of a common brand of dog food. The pet owner can provide their own food, toys, medicines, etc if they want.

Horse and Livestock Boarding

We are also working on adding an area for the boarding of livestock and horses. Livestock can be goats, sheep, exotic animals, cows, etc. Sorry, pigs are not permitted within city limits. We will have daily and monthly rates for each class of animal, and this will include access to a common pasture, shelter, fresh water, a little sweet feed and all you can eat hay. The owner will provide any other food items they want their animal to have. We will update this section of the page once we are ready to begin accepting these animals.

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