8: Here Comes The Bush Hog

The grass on the 2 pastures hasn’t been cut in years, so we hired someone to come in and bush hog it.  We still can’t get any equipment to the back field until we get a bridge built so we had him bush hog the front field and the homesite area.

Getting It Done

Bush HogThe bush hog operator brought a decent sized tractor and made short work of cutting the grass.  The grass was very thick and a lot of it laid down making it hard to cut.  There was also a lot of small pine tree saplings… he cut them easily with the bush hog but now we have a metric crap ton of stobs sticking up in the grass.  They are the same height as the cut grass and it makes them hard to see.  We have only tripped on them about 100,000 times.  Article continues below…

We started clearing the from fence line and taking down the fence in front of the home site.  So far we’ve spent roughly $300 on tools we didn’t have already.  We got a bolt cutter (for the wire fence), a spade shovel, a large limb trimmer, a new Stihl 171 chainsaw, a garden rake, and a few other small items.  The good part is these things will last a lifetime, so it is money well spent.

The Next StepBush Hog

The next step is to have the builder start prepping the spot where the house will sit.  Unfortunately, we have had a lot of rain recently so that might delay it a little bit.  There is still plenty of cleanup for us to do so its not like all the work will come to a standstill.  With any homestead or hobby farm, there is always something that needs to be done.




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