14: Construction Has Begun

Foundation 01Foundation Framing

Living in a small town has its perks.  Someone drove by our property and noticed workers were there, so they called us right away.  The workers were framing the foundation getting ready to pour the concrete slab. We were excited to hear this news so we headed over to take a look.  Sure enough, the crew was there cutting lumber and building the frame for the foundation!  After so long with no progress, we were starting to get a little anxious.

It was a very cold day but the workers were quite busy driving the support braces into the ground, making all the measurements for the perimeter of the foundation and digging out the side for the footers.  They did not put the re-bar or wire fencing in place yet, I reckon they’ll have to coordinate with the plumbers, the gas company and the electrician.  Article continues below…

Now we wait some more…Foundation 02

Well, not long after they finished the foundation framing, we got a severe cold snap that lasted over a week!  Temperatures dropped to the low teens and the daily highs barely exceeded 32 degrees.  As you may know, you cannot pour concrete in those temperatures. At 50 degrees, concrete takes about 8-10 hours to cure but at freezing temperatures, the concrete will freeze instead of curing.  Now that the weather warmed up, it has started to rain!  Argh!

We really want to get this house built.  Paying two mortgages is no fun and basically a huge waste of money… but we have little choice unless we wanted to live in the van.  Nah.  So we wait for the weather to cooperate.  Dear Lord, please provide us with suitable weather for pouring concrete and framing a house. Amen.

Foundation 03

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