27: Drywall… finally!

Drywall Installers Arrive

After a long spell of no workers showing up, the drywall crew arrived to start their job.  The drywall was already here as it had been given several days to acclimate to the house.  I suppose that is a necessary step, but then again I am no drywall expert.

Putting up drywall is a huge mess!  They globbed the drywall putty everywhere, filling up electric sockets, and making huge piles on the floor.  It’s a good thing I am not the one who has to clean that up.  And apparently, it is not the responsibility of the drywall people to clean up either.  Article continues below…


The Fireplace Mantel

The contractor put in the fireplace insert and the mantel.  Man, that thing looks huge.  The drywall people finished their job on the 23rd, nearly a month goes by with little to nothing getting done and the painters arrive. We picked Sonic Silver for the walls and Pure White for all the trim.  It looks really good.  We requested Behr paint but they used Sherwin-Williams instead (I think that’s the brand they told me).

The paint doesn’t hold up very well to something scrubbing against it, and make darn sure your hands are clean before you touch the wall!  It seems the builder is really “cheaping out” as the project goes along.  Why won’t he just give me what I ask for?  I am paying for all of this after all.

Here are a few more pictures of the drywall and the painting.





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