29: Granite Countertops

I Hate Granite Now

Why are granite countertops all the rage?  You have to maintain it, seal it, keep it dry, don’t put anything hot on it, etc.  How annoying!  Unfortunately, solid surface countertops and Quartz countertops cost more than we were willing to pay.  Oh well, live and learn.

A little more on the positive side, the granite does look good.  We looked at quite a few slabs trying to decide which pattern would best match our kitchen and bathrooms.  We think we did pretty good.  How do you think they look?  Article continues below…


Granite Countertops

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Showers and the Fireplace

The plumbers installed the shower stall in the front bathroom and the tub/shower combo in the master bathroom.  While inspecting their handy work, we found a hole the size of a half dollar in it!  Good grief, is there no quality control anymore?  At least the tile around the fireplace turned out good.  We chose bronze fixtures everywhere, even the door knobs. The bathroom sink faucets are really nice and the kitchen faucet has touch controls.  Fancy.




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