9: Leveling The Lot

The Work Begins

It is time for the professionals to do their part, building the house.  The builder hired a crew to come in a prepare the homesite.  They needed to make it level so the foundation could be poured.  First they used a big dozer to scrape off the topsoil and get down to the hard clay.  Once they did that and made it level, through brought in about 5 truckloads of good ol’ Alabama red clay.

They spread that all out and packed it down as best they could.  The ground was fairly wet from recent rains so that made it a little difficult to pack.  The topsoil that was scraped off was spread out level behind the homesite and will be used as the spot for a garage or workshop.  It is quite a bit of dirt so the dozer operator was able to level out a nice sized area.  We could probably fit a 24′ x 24′ workshop back there.  Article continues below…

Now That It Is Level

It took the crew 2 days to prepare the lot to the satisfaction of the builder.  The drainage looks good but we won’t know for sure until we get another good rain.  We cleared lots of brush and made a burn pile so we don’t have to pay to haul off any foliage, tree limbs or stumps.  Once the ground has dried out a bit, another crew will come in an start the slab work.  We are so excited to see this coming along.

Our advice to you is if you are considering starting a homestead or hobby far, go for it.  Don’t wait, don’t listen to the naysayers or the critics… they’re just jealous of you.  Below are a few more pictures we took of the dozer and bobcat work.

Bulldozer Work Moving Dirt A Level Lot Dumping Clay

Level Your Homesite


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