13: New Kubota B2650HSD Tractor

Making Work Easier

We have about 15 acres that needs mowing, we have things that need to be lifted, and we have ground that needs to be leveled… so we bought a piece of equipment that can handle all of those jobs and more.  We bought a 2017 Kubota B2650 HSD tractor with a front end loader and 5 foot rotary cutter (also known as a bush hog or brush hog). We are having it delivered about mid January as we don’t need it during the holidays.

Cynthia says she likes to mow, so we’ll see about that.  We decided against a  zero turn mower as it can only cut grass and nothing else.  There’s no sense in paying $7k-$10k for a fancy lawn mower when it can only do 1 job.  A tractor is much more versatile especially when you think of all the 3-point attachments that are available.  Article continues below…

What tractor to buy?

We did about 4 weeks worth of research on this and narrowed it down to Mahindra, John Deere and Kubota.  We have a dealer for these brands about 30 minutes away from us and they are 2 minutes apart from each other.  The Mahindra was the first to be discarded simply because they do not hold their value as well as the others and this dealer had them priced like the other major brands.  We really liked the Mahindra 26XL tractor but their price just wasn’t competitive enough.kubota b2650 tractor

The John Deere we liked was the 2017/ 2018 2025R but nobody could locate one.  They got a redesign for these model years and we liked the changes they made, plus John Deere was offering 72 months with zero interest.  They wanted us to move up to the 3025e but while it would have perhaps been a more capable tractor, it lacked key features that the 2025R had.  The “e” means economy I reckon, because the 3025e sure felt like an economy tractor.  The 1025R was a nice machine but it was just too small for us.  It lacked good ground clearance and the tires were quite small.  Had the dealer been able to get us a new 2025R, we would likely have gone with John Deere.

The Kubota dealer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is right across the street from the John Deere dealer.  We stopped there and looked at the BX series of tractors, the B series and the L2501.  The BX series was sort of like the 1025R from John Deere… too small and too low to the ground for what we needed it to do.  The L2501 was comparable to the JD 3025e and we didn’t want it for the same reasons as the JD 3025e.  They did have the B2301, B2601, B2650 and a B3350 for me to look at.  We liked the B2301 and B2601 but the B2650 really caught our eye.  It was larger than the B2601 and is considered a premium tractor because of all the extras that come on it.  You get a much better seat, digital display, cruise control, brakes on the left side (better for brake steering), position control, etc.

It turns out the B2650 was about the same price of the L2501 due to big rebates on the L2501.  We preferred the size and the options of the B2650 HSD so we negotiated a package deal.  We got the tractor, a 5 foot rotary cutter and the front end loader with the quick attach bucket.  We shopped for this package at the Clanton Kubota dealer and the Pelham Kubota dealer, but the Tuscaloosa Kubota dealer beat their best price by $400, so they got our business. We also got a free toy tractor and a t-shirt.  Bonus!

As we stated above, we won’t get the tractor delivered until some time in January so we don’t have any pictures of it to show you.  That being said, here is a stock image of the B2650 for you to enjoy.

kubota b2650 tractor

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