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A shy female pygmy goat. She arrived with her half-sister, Lucy. Lily is black with a large white spot on her side. She and Lucy stick together. She will eat out of your hand and allow you to pet her....sometimes. Hopefully that will change once she has babies in around July/August since she was bred in February 2019. The average gestation period is 143 - 157 days.


Possibly our fastest goat. Her original name was Alex when we got her, but we changed it to Lucy. She is a half sister to Lily. She is solid black and likes to hang with Lily. Her personality is evolving everyday. At first she wouldn't come near us, now she eats out of our hand and allows us to pet her. She too was bred in February and if it worked will give birth in July/August. The average gestation time is 143 - 157 days.


Diane is a friendly little girl who always calls to us when she sees us outside. She loves graham crackers, animal crackers and sweet feed from us, but likes to eat privets and vine leaves along the creek bank. She is red in color and was just old enough to be away from her mother. She is a greedy little thing and will head butt anyone that gets in her way, including a person if you don't feed her fast enough.


Buddy is a semi-defective fainting goat. He has been wethered. He is solid white with the most gorgeous long white beard. He thinks he is the KING of the field and wants to bully the smaller goats. He overall is very gentle and will eat out of your hand and allow us to pet him.


Todd is a wethered male pygmy goat. Todd was born around the 1st of January 2019 and he has a white tip on his tail. We got him and his twin, Toby, because the owners did not want to be bothered with them. Todd and Toby stick together, but Todd is warming up quickly to the other animals. He is enjoying all the things he can eat outside of the fence, because his head will fit through the wire.


Wethered pygmy goat. Toby is a twin to Todd. We were called to pick him up along with his twin, Todd because the people that had them didn't want to be bothered. Toby is solid black. He and Todd stick together. Toby will eat out of your hand and is warming up to the idea of animal crackers.


Billy goat given to the farm by someone who could not keep it any longer. Oink got his name from the sound he makes. He is very affectionate on will come right up to you to be scratched and petted.

Kim and Rachel

Twin sisters we got from Ashby Goat Farm.


Fainting goat, she looks sad all the time even though she is very happy.


Fainting billy goat.


Jack is a handsome fainting billy goat. He has been wethered as Jeffery will be our intact fainting billy.

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