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Tildy is a little sweetheart. She is a miniature horse but suffers from dwarfism. This has caused her to have a hunched front shoulder, a significant underbite and an irregular gait. She arrived on the farm April 18, 2019 and she is still getting used to having green grass, not having to fight for her food, and "where the heck did all these goats come from?". Once she feels comfortable, we'll be able to brush her out and tend to her personal needs. Tildy came to us from another animal rescue about an hour from us.


Betty came to us on April 18, 2019 from another rescue facility that was overcrowded. She is a beautiful little horse but needs the occasional visit from the beautician (Cynthia). Her mane is gorgeous and when it is combed, she could be on the cover of any magazine. She's a little shy but is coming around quickly to us, with a little help from carrots and apple slices. She hangs out with the other mini horses and loves to frolic around in the pasture.


Mike, aka Big Mike, is the resident gelding miniature horse. He arrived on April 18, 2019 from another rescue facility that was overcrowded. He is friendly, loves to be scratched and goes crazy for carrots. He enjoys rolling in the grass, chasing the goats when they try to get his food, and neighing at us from the field. We call him Big Mike because he is quite wide, but we will get him looking all dapper as time goes on.

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