4: Time For The Survey

Survey - SurveyorsThe Surveyors Are Here

We hired Moore and Arnold Surveyors out of West Blocton, AL to do the survey on the property.  The sellers agreed to pay half of the survey which is great because it costs $2,150 to survey 21 acres.  We’ll each pay $1,075 towards the cost of the survey which is still a good chunk of change.  It took them a little over 2 days to complete the survey because they had a hard time locating 2 of the markers.  We walked with them on 2 of those days so we would understand what they were marking and why.

The corner markers were obvious except for two.  They had to go back to the courthouse to get maps of the adjacent properties so they could triangulate the azimuths for the southern and eastern sides of the lot.  At the front right side of the lot, the fence along the northern edge is actually on the neighbors property.  But I think since it has been the accepted property line for over 70 years that it doesn’t matter.  Either way, the neighbors wouldn’t come on our side of the fence and we wouldn’t go on their side (unless one invited the other).  The two other fence lines on the northern side are pretty straightforward from corner marker to corner marker.  The back side of the property is wooded and a power line easement shares a border with us.  It is fenced inside the treeline so the right of way for Alabama Power is not obstructed.  Article continues below…

Alabama GIS Map

The southern side of the property was a bear to survey.  They couldn’t find the corner marker so that’s why they needed to go back to the courthouse for more maps.  Once they had that info, they were able to find the marker.  According to their calculations, it was off by about a foot so we gained some land with this survey.  They set the new marker and shot an azimuth across the open field to the opposite southern corner.  They then set several stakes across the field so we would know where to build our fence.   A survey involves a lot of walking and having to deal with 6′ tall weeds and extremely thick grass doesn’t help.  And let’s not forget the briars and tree limbs in the wooded section.

One step closer…

Now the survey is all done and we know what our legal boundaries are.  The next step is closing on October 31, 2017 and writing a huge check for the down payment and closing costs.  We’ve already got Alabama Power working on getting us hooked up to the grid and the builder is anxious to get started leveling the lot where the house will be.  We can’t wait to watch those pine trees get bulldozed!




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