6: We closed!

Tuscaloosa TitleThe waiting is over, we closed on the land and the builder has started work!  The closing consisted of us reading a whole lot of documents filled with legalese… which made the others in the room have to wait for us to finish.  That’s OK though, thanks to us reading and proofing all the documents we discovered a $2,802.51 error in our favor.  That allowed us to leave the Title Company office with a check in our hands.

As soon as we left the closing we called our builder.  We met him at the property the next day and we staked out the location of the house.  We also discussed a few more details such as what trees stay and which ones go, where the driveway will be, where the septic system will be, estimated timeline, etc.  Oh yeah, after the survey of the land was complete, we actually ended up with 21.84 acres.  We only thought we were getting 21 acres so that extra .84 acres was a bonus.  Article continues below…

The southern edge of the land did not have an identifiable border so we started building a fence along that edge.  We drove the fence posts in a few inches inside the property line.  We’ve a long way to go on the fencing and it won’t be done for a long time.  That’s a lot of distance to cover and the dang fencing material ain’t cheap!  In addition that, we are not used to all this manual labor so we are a bit sore right now.  Hopefully, we will get used to this and maybe even lose a few pounds along the way!

What’s next?

Anyway, as time and weather permits, we will be working at the property cleaning it up as needed.  There is some trash there from over the years, both fields need to be bush hogged and some trees need to be trimmed and/or cut down.  The bush hog guy is supposed to be there this weekend and that will make walking around much easier.  We are so excited and anxious to see the slab poured and framing going up!!

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