19: Windows

This post will be a short one, but we are excited to share with you our new windows.  We had these special ordered because we wanted a certain type of window in the front, as well as the front door.  The windows are large, unobstructed panes giving a great view of the outside.  The front door has the glass panels running vertically on each side of the door… that’s so people who come to the door can peek in before knocking.  That’s OK, we have 2 security cameras that monitor the front porch as well as a video doorbell.  Even with all that, we will likely cover those panels on the inside.

The big front windows are awesome.  They allow us to see outside easily, they are well insulated and one side of each window actually opens so we can get a breeze coming through the house.   The windows in the bedrooms are the same size as the front, just a different style.  They are 2 windows side by side and they open the way that most other windows do… lift up the bottom after unlocking them.  Because the windows are so big and people may be tempted to break in one day, we have a security camera that looks at each windows, and we have motion activated LED floodlights on every corner.  That’s about all we can really say about the windows right now, so below are a couple of pictures for you…

Metal Roofing and Windows



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